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2014 Honda Accord: Safe and Tech Savvy

Speaking directly to the ad above, the high-tech connectivity features that the 2014 Honda Accord serves up as standard fare is only the beginning of the story. You see, in addition to offering a wealth of technologies to augment a driver's experience behind the wheel, the flagship sedan also includes the devices and structural integrity necessary to keep everyone safe.

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Honda Civic Type R Concept Takes Center Stage in Geneva

Check out the stunning new Honda Civic Type R Concept that made its world premiere at this week's 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

The Type R features aggressive styling, including an outrageous rear spoiler that is strongly linked to the sports car's on-track performance. In fact, Honda expects the Type R to challenge the one lap record for front-drive cars at the famed Nurburgring race track in Germany.

How will the Type R accomplish…

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Service Department: How to Change the Oil in Your Honda

At McConnell Honda, we pride ourselves in providing our loyal customers with reliable cars that stand the test of time and mileage.

However, every car needs a tune up from time to time and the same goes for your Honda. Changing your car's oil and filter is one of the best ways to ensure that the car continues to run well for many years.

First, check your Owner's Manual to determine the proper?

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It's All About Saving Presidents for Presidents' Day

The Presidents' Day Sales Event is now underway here at McConnell Honda and ready to save you some serious cash on our new cars.

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington break down the deals and some features of our new rides in the latest commercial from Honda, take a look below:

Who knew Lincoln and Washington could belt out such smooth R&B sounds?

The savings here will keep presidents like the ones in the above...

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Honda wants you to Print your own Prototypes

It seems like we can't go a day anymore without hearing a story in the news that has to do with 3D printing. Many think that this technology will usher in a new age of production of consumer goods when it is further developed and that is entirely possible. Of course 3D printing could have large implications for the automotive industry and Honda is showing their interest by releasing the design files of several?

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McConnell Honda Has the Details on the 2015 Fit Reveal

With more muscle under the hood, new features to show off, all in the same compact package we know and love, the 2015 Honda Fit was recently revealed at the Detroit Auto Show and we knew we had to let you all know. Take a look at the video below to find out more. Be prepared, it's a long one; skip to about 10:45 to see it out in the open in full…

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Honda Shows a Production-Ready Vezel in Tokyo

Over at the Tokyo Motor Show, our favorite Japanese automaker is having a lot of great buzz happening around one of their announced models currently dropping jaws on the show floor and we certainly agree with these reactions! For a while now, there's been some talk of a crossover vehicle being made based on the Honda Fit. Now, finally, the automaker has shown it to us and it's met all of our hopes…

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Honda Fit Model Declared 2013 Car of the Year in Japan

Hybrid models have been available here in Montgomery, AL for quite a while  now. But with Japanese automakers really leading the ecofriendly charge both here in the US and globally, the technology has been commonplace in Japan for almost two decades.

That fact alone makes the Honda Fit Hybrid's recent designation as "Japan Car of the Year" all the more impressive. Sure, we talk up our own Fit's efficiency and fun-factor all the…

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