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Finding Fun in Life's Little Blessings

Many Montgomery residents know, parallel parking isn?t the biggest problem. Sure the roads can be a little bit hectic, especially when the nearby colleges are in session, but struggling to park with lots of traffic isn't normally a problem.

Even if this isn't a problem that registers on most AL drivers' radar, Honda is looking out for everyone. With the 2015 Fit, they are once again pursuing the spirit of fun that…

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The Honda Fit Makes Everything Fun... Even Moving

The 2015 Honda Fit has been the topic of conversation around here lately. People seem to really love this vehicle, and we do, too. It has incredible cargo space, fuel efficiency, and some great new technology.

The video shows a couple who drive a Fit that they absolutely love. Take a look to see why.

Here at McConnell Honda we are huge fans of this vehicle, so we're always glad to see other people?

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The 2015 Honda Fit Notices How Nice You Look Today

Perhaps it isn't just about how the Honda Fit drives and what it looks like when it does but the kind of people that drive it. Perhaps in order to better understand what the Fit is about, you must first learn about its people.

The following group are an example of the kind of people that drive the Honda Fit. They aren't just driving through the city on a typical sunny afternoon but…

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You can still find Honda Cheer

Monday's can be rough. We at McConnell Honda know that, and share that feeling with many of the good folks here in Montgomery, AL. Therefore, today we'd like to start your week out on the right foot by showing you a video of a breakdancing turtle.

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New Honda Civic Type R Receives an R Rating


According to the Motion Picture Association of America's film rating system, an R-rating requires a parent or adult guardian to be present for a viewing. So children, if you're reading this, please either look away or hold mommy's hand because we are about to present you the Honda Type R Film, called 'Disruption', and it's R-Rated.

Alright, so it's not really what you thought. No language or uncalled for nudity…

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The 2015 Honda Fit: The Ultimate Festival Companion

You?re a music lover. You work two jobs to feed your record collection and have been saving up for months, anxiously waiting to strum away at a new Fender.  Summer is your favorite season and it is not because of the sunny days. In fact, you could care less about the weather. What you want is music festivals, and rain or shine, you are going to push your way to the front of the?

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Fit Into This Honda and Have Some Fun

Just like cramming for a test, sometimes you have to quickly pack up and hit the road, so we here at our Montgomery, AL dealership love to show off the new 2015 Honda Fit, a well-rounded hatchback that can get any job done in a pinch. See what the new Fit can do for you in this fun commercial, then come on over to take closer look.

Driving around in the new Honda Fit, no…

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Features and Style Make this Honda a Great Vehicle

There's far too much to talk about when it comes to the new 2014 Honda CR-V that can't all fit into a 15-second commercial, but our Montgomery, AL dealership's favorite brand does a pretty good job right here. Take a quick look at some of the features that make the new CR-V a great choice.

The features controlled and viewed through the i-MID display system give you access in all realms. Connecting…

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