Routinely Maintaining Your Tires

Most people understand the importance of changing the oil in their vehicle's engine, checking the coolant level in their radiator, and having their brakes serviced routinely, but not many people are aware that it is equally as important to make sure that the vehicle’s tires has the recommended 4/32-inch of tire tread on them to ensure that they will perform as they are supposed to.

A growing number of drivers are driving on unsafe tires and we here at McConnell Honda want to let them know that we are available in the Montgomery area for those drivers that want to make sure that they are driving on safe tires that will perform at their peak season after season.

Come by our service center and be one of the many satisfied customers who have chosen McConnell Honda as their tire service professionals of choice that they trust, respect, and believe in to give them choices when it comes to tire safety.

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