Fuel System Failure

Car owners know how important it is to check how much fuel they have in their cars, but many owners forget how important it is to check the fuel system itself. Like most systems that operate your car, the fuel system needs routine maintenance and if it needs to be serviced there will be signs. Below are two signs that your fuel system is in need of work:
  • Worse Fuel Mileage- Most car owners know how much gas their cars get per mile and use this information to know when to budget for fuel. If you notice that your car is getting fewer miles per gallon than this could indicate a problem with the fuel system. Decreased gas mileage is a sign that the fuel pump is sending more fuel to the engine than it needs and will need to be serviced
  • Car Won’t Start- When your car’s fuel system is experiencing problems you may have warning signs like sputtering, surging, decreased gas mileage, or loss of power if you choose to ignore these warning signs you may find that your car won’t start at all. When the fuel systems fail completely the engine will not get any gas and your car won’t start so make sure to have it routinely checked before it’s too late
At McConnell Honda we want to make sure all cars and drivers are safe on our roadways. If you have any questions regarding your fuel system come visit our convenient Montgomery location and speak with one of our experts.


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