Reminding You to Move Over

Here at McConnell Honda in Montgomery, AL, we care about highway safety. That's why we are taking the time to remind you to move over and give extra space for stopped emergency vehicles you encounter along the roadway.

Moving over is not only the nice thing to do but did you know failure to slow down or change lanes for stopped emergency vehicles is a punishable violation of the law?

Commonly called "Move Over" laws, these laws have been enacted in all 50 states to help protect workers trying to do their jobs along the roadways. No matter where you are driving anywhere in the United States, if you notice a law enforcement vehicle, ambulance, fire truck, or tow truck lending assistance with its emergency lights flashing on the side of the highway, you are required by law to change lanes if possible or at the very least slow down and take extra caution as you pass.

Help spread awareness of these laws with a visit to our showroom at 2840 Eastern Blvd!

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