Tire Replacement Can Ensure You Have a Safe Spare

When you get a flat tire while exploring the streets of Montgomery, you often need a quick replacement. Luckily, the trunk of your car often has what you need to solve the crisis and get you back on the road right away. You'll find a "donut" tire, also called a compact temporary spare, under the carpet in your vehicle's trunk.

This type of spare tire is designed for limited operation like driving to have your tires serviced. It can only be driven at limited speeds and long-term use can disrupt your car's antilock brakes, traction system or speedometer. This means that it can be a safety concern to use a donut for an extended period.

McConnell Honda is here to help you. Come in for quick, efficient tire replacement service and the installation of a full-size spare, and get back on the road to enjoy safe travels.

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