Your Ignition: Starting Right Up

One of the key components to starting your vehicle is the ignition. Fortunately, most vehicles will show signs that there is something wrong with the ignition before it stops working. Don't get stranded in Montgomery by knowing some of the signs to look for if you think your ignition is going out.

A common issue that you'll see with a failing ignition is that it's harder to start the vehicle. Sometimes, the vehicle will start but can take a bit longer than it would if the ignition is newer. There could be corrosion inside the ignition, or it could simply be too old and time for it to be replaced.

Before your ignition leaves you without a vehicle to drive, take your vehicle to McConnell Honda. Someone can thoroughly examine how long it takes to start the vehicle and test some of the electrical components to determine the best repair needed so that you don't spend a lot of money.

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