Knowledge Is Power When It Comes To Towing

Autumn has arrived, and you have your eye set on that new boat. To move it back and forth to the places where you want it requires putting your vehicle to work and towing it. Luckily, information about the do's and don'ts are available and not too difficult to learn.

Staying safe while using your vehicle to tow a boat or anything is possible if you follow the towing do's and don'ts. One of the do's is using a trailer hitch that is made for your vehicle. This will help eliminate problems that may arise due to compatibility issues. A don't to avoid is creating a high center of gravity in the tow load. This increases the possibility of the tow load flipping.

It is wise to make sure that everything is up to par before heading out on the road on your tow mission. To get your vehicle checked and serviced if necessary, please visit us at McConnell Honda in Montgomery.



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