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Honda Sales Representative

McConnell Honda

Do you believe in yourself and want to be successful?
Are you a persuasive, honest salesperson that likes the challenge of
selling that rewards performers?

Make $55,000 like our average good salesperson made last year plus get
?benefits like Blue Cross PMD, 401k retirement plan and paid vacation.

Just send your resume now!

If you have good sales experience and would love to sell the best products in the automotive business, then you'll love this job.

Blue Cross PMD, 401k retirement plan and paid vacation. You'll be paid $700 a week during your two-week training program.? McConnell was started in 1919 and is selling 160+ cars a month.

40% of our 70 employees have been here 10 years or longer. We are honest and customer friendly. You will be in an excellent work environment and facility. Honda is a premier car company and McConnell dominates the market. Honda has more 5 star safety ratings than any car company. Consumer Reports named the Accord, Civic, CRV, Pilot and Odyssey van top recommended buys.


Duties include selling activities in McConnell Honda's Sales Department. You would be selling both new Honda's and used cars. As the internet business has grown you would also be working internet customers that provide leads over our website. McConnell Honda will have a fellow employee train you to help you have a full understanding of your duties. You will need an acceptable driving record, good selling skills from your previous jobs, computer skills, and to pass a drug screen.

This is a great opportunity for you to work for McConnell Honda an honest, customer friendly, successful, 100+ year-old company.

McConnell is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Email your resume to Rachel Atkins at


2840 Eastern Blvd.

Montgomery, Alabama 36116

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